Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This weekend was chock-full of excitement! Saturday consisted of two birthday parties and a graduation party. Thankfully Rowynn is such a good baby that he didn't complain about lack of sleep!
It is incredible how much God allows your heart to heal. One of the birthday parties I attended was for our friend's son who is a week older than Abigayl. Last year I was at his first birthday and it was VERY hard for me. I watched him wishing I could watch Abigayl blow out her candles and open presents.
This year, I was able to watch and enjoy him and his reactions. I didn't dwell or hurt for it to be her. I don't know if time has helped with that or if it is having Rowynn in my arms. Probably a little of both. Rowynn has helped heal a part of my heart that I didn't think could be healed. He brings me so much joy and comfort.
I think his daddy loves him a whole bunch too!
After the birthday party, we headed to our niece's graduation party. It is crazy that she is graduating! When I met Rusty she was in junior high and now she is all grown up. I don't know where the time goes.
We then headed back home so I could help celebrate my friend Jill's birthday. Her husband rented a limo for her and I was lucky enough to be invited to join in the fun!
First was dinner, which was super yummy, and then we headed to the center of the universe.

Here is Jill and her husband Tom at the center of the universe Katie and I Jill, Katie and Allison The center of the universe is a spot where if you stand in the center and talk you can hear echos all around. If you move from the spot, the echo goes away. It was pretty neat. I love discovering new things about the city I live in!

Before heading home, we went to Riverwalk to listen to some music and play some games. It was an amazing night with friends. Rowynn likes to try to hold his own bottle. We love watching him develop and learn. It is so much fun!!

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