Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lake Time + New Outfit = Pictures

It is tradition for the family to head to the lake for the three summer holiday weekends. We decided that taking our little guy to the lake and having to head to the room every couple of hours for naps and feedings just wasn't for us.

Instead we made it an afternoon trip and stayed for a few hours. It was long enough for Rowynn to see all of his family, get held and cooed at and dip his tootsies in the water and go over the Missouri border while napping in the car.

It was also enough time for Rusty and I to eat at Dairy Queen, twice. Yes, we had ice cream each time! What can I say, we love our ice cream and we don't get to have Dairy Queen very often. I must add that the Buster Bar Blizzard is YUMMY! I wish I could have one right now. I wonder if I could get one shipped?! Could someone take care of that for me? Heading out with daddy..... Rusty said he kicked his legs when the water would touch his feet.Aniston even shared her floaty with Rowynn. So, he was wet up to his bum. I'm so glad that my cousin's sent us this swim outfit... it was cute and kept him from getting too much sun.
When we got to the lake, grandma Patty had some new duds for Rowynn! So, today Rowynn got to sport his new outfit at breakfast. You can tell that he is thrilled! He is just so stinkin' cute...Did you see the cowboy boot socks? There is even a little horseshoe on the bum!

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