Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sledding... or would it be best to call it mud flinging?!

Yesterday Rusty's sister brought up her 3 kids to go "sledding". Here in Oklahoma, where there are virtually no hills, you "sled" behind a 4-wheeler or some other form of transportation.

Seeing that we had A LOT of rain Friday, the snow was sitting on inches of rain. Therefore, the "sledding" turned into mudding. The sled would skim the top of a huge clump of mud and mud would end up on all the faces of those choosing to participate. So, Rusty's sister, Tiffaney, and myself were the only ones to not become mud covered.

Rusty getting ready to pull Justin and Jason through the mud/snow/water puddle.
(Thankfully all of the pulling happened in our back field. Otherwise, our front yard would have been rut city like the back field. I don't like mowing rut city so Rusty gets the joy of mowing the back field this summer)

Justin and Jason

Cliff getting ready to pull his brothers. Ended up that they both got off of their sleds and headed for warmth.

Cliff's turn to have mud flung in his face (not that it mattered whether you were driving or being pulled, you got muddy either way!) Rusty drove him around.

This was our driveway come 5 pm. Slush city. Thankfully it did not freeze over night.

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