Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rock It...

Rusty has designed a new, beautiful flower bed for the front of our house with a pond and waterfall. So, today Rusty moved the rocks around to build the waterfall portion of the pond.

Rusty has collected rocks from neighborhoods where he has done some rough-ins. Some of the rocks are from a particular neighborhood and have a great holey look. He wanted to use those ones because then the water would have a place to come out with out drilling and look very natural.

Moving the 2nd rock into place. I didn't think to take pictures until the first one was in place.

This one had a great look for the top rock and the one that would let the waterfall flow.

Rusty had to carefully stack one rock onto the other. It was tough but he is super man so he did it.

Here is our new waterfall!!! It is WONDERFUL. I can't wait to see the pond under it. If weather permits, Rusty wants to dig the hole tomorrow!
I hope weather permits!
Last thing we have left to do after the pond is finished is the landscaping. He already completed 1/3 of the bed and I think the pond will take up about 1/3.... so not too much more to go! I will try to post pictures of the finished portion of the bed because he did an EXCELLENT job.
After tackling this flower bed I think we will have to work on Abigayl's memorial garden. It looks rough compared to the professional job Rusty did on the main flower bed.
Good job honey.... your the greatest. I love you!

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AustinFamily said...

Wow he's been BUSY! I'll have to come out and check all this out! We've GOT to do some major overhauling on our yard (front and back) just need more hours in the day I guess. Ha Ha