Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Slowly but surely the front of our house is coming along. We have been flower crazy around here and I wanted to show you what we have accomplished so far.

This is the planter by the door.

Yes, we need a new entry mat! One step at a time people. Next year I want to replace the green planters with black ones (our shutters will be black soon and so will the wicker furniture on the porch).

Roughly what we want the pond area to look like. There will be Hydrangeas all around the rocks, I hope (if my green thumb works the way I want it).

This is the section next to the pond. We bought the flowers today but Rusty had somewhere he needed to be so there wasn't much done in the yard today. Hopefully by next weekend it will be complete!

The one section that is done! This is sort of what the picture above should look like soon. First Rusty wants to run the gutter system under the flower bed and into the yard. That is what all the black hose is for.

I have some work to do on Abigayl's garden. So far this is what it looks like. I am waiting to see how many more hyacinth come up. Then I will fill in the gaps with more pretty flowers and some mulch. There is another row of hyacinth coming up behind the first row. They smell absolutely AMAZING.
This is the progress so far! I can't wait to share the finished product! Once the flower beds are complete, I think it is going to be mandatory to move onto painting. YIKES!!! I'm not looking forward to that part. But it needs to be done.

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