Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christmas in September

This is the box that was dropped off at the door last night. I opened it up and was completely ecstatic. Just picture a 28 year old jumping around the house. Now picture that 28 year old with my face. You have now seen what I looked like last night when I opened this box.

This amazing package was all because of Thanks to this AMAZING website, this is the second house party I have had a chance to host. I really enjoyed my last one and I am really looking forward to getting to together with all of my girlfriends and their amazing kids.

Here is what all I got in the box (some how I am missing 2 of the toys from pictures):

After getting all of the toys out of their boxes and putting together the ones that needed assembly, this is what our living room looked like (the other two toys were the green creature and the thing behind it).

It was finally time to get Rowynn up from his nap and I think he enjoyed getting to play with some new toys. I'm sure he gets bored with the same old ones all the time!

He was a bit on the tired and hungry side. Hopefully we will have more fun and photos today!

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