Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ultra-sound pic

Inside the black hole is a small circle, that is the yolk sac. The beginnings of our baby!!!

I went to my ultra-sound appointment yesterday. Unfortunately I am 5 weeks along instead of 6 weeks, therefore, we were unable to see the baby since it's to small. But, we did get to see the yolk sac (the first thing you see before the baby becomes visible) and we are happy that the baby has implanted in the uterus (where it belongs!!). So, we shouldn't have to worry about any recurrence of what happened in December.
As for the picture, you can thank one of the lovely ladies in my doctor's office, Lizzy. I wasn't even going to post a picture but she said I needed one for the blog! So, thank you Lizzy!!
Another thing, I think I would stay pregnant year round just so I can go in and visit with those ladies. I look forward to every appointment at that office (even the awkward ones... you know what I mean ladies!) just so I have a chance to gab with these wonderful girls. They are definitely women I consider friends and hope to get to know even better as this pregnancy progresses.

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Katie Smith said...

I am so happy for you! We need to do something again soon now that you are back from Alaska!