Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today while teaching I received a call from our funeral home that Abigayl's memorial/marker had come in. It was very emotional for me because it made everything so final. I know that she is gone but knowing that the last puzzle piece fell into place was very hard for me. I'm continually amazed to find how things effect me... I had a really hard time holding it together for the rest of the day, but I managed.

After school I headed to Floral Haven to meet with Rusty and see the marker. It was so nice to see Abigayl's sweet face, instead of a pile of dirt. Though, it felt like my heart was being ripped out. To be looking at a metal plaque, with my beautiful baby girl's face on it was so hard. I just wish that I could have her to hold on to instead of a plaque to look at.

What was really amazing about the marker is how great the detail work is. I felt it and where you can see rolls in her picture, you can actually feel them when you run your finger over them.

So, with much, much pain and even more love... I share with you my sweet angel's marker.

The poem at the bottom is a poem that Rusty wrote. It says:
Beautiful sunrise, peaceful sunset
The sparkle in the stars, the sound of rain drops
The good morning smiles, the beauty of your sleep
Your twinkling eyes, the sound of our tears
all reminders of the baby we love so dear.


AustinFamily said...

My sweet friend, what a beautiful marker. I cannot imagine how you felt today, my thoughts and prayers are w/you always!

Also, I didn't get to say congratulations on your pregnancy.

Powers Alaska said...

Wow! That's beautiful.

Katie Smith said...

That is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. I would love to go with you some time to see her. I think you two are amazing.