Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Here!

I landed in the great state of Alaska at 12:00 am Saturday morning. I then proceeded to wait for my bag for exactly one hour... yes, ONE HOUR. Of course after getting off of a long plane ride and waiting, for what felt like forever, I was starving. So, by the time I got to mom's house and in bed it was 2 am (5 am Oklahoma time).

I woke up Saturday morning at 7 am and was ready to go. Only, mom didn't get out of bed until around 9! But we were on our way to have breakfast with the whole family by 10ish. We went to one of my favorite breakfast spots in Anchorage, Birchtree diner. It is yummy! We then spent the day hanging with my family and playing some Wii with my nephew. My sister-in-law, Rachelle, made a wonderful dinner with some AWESOME ribs.

Of course, I was in bed by 7 pm and then woke up at the wonderful hour of 3 am. Yeah! It was a full nights sleep but a very lonely morning. After a wonderful sermon at Anchorage Baptist Temple, mom and I had breakfast and then did some shopping with my niece. It was lots of fun. Now, I have a whole week of family filled fun ahead of me.

I will keep everyone posted on my week and post pictures as soon as I can.


The Andersons said...

I am so glad you made it and glad to hear what a wonderful time you are having!

Katie Smith said...

I am so glad you are having a good time! Me and Shaun wish we were there! Missed you Sunday night. :)