Tuesday, February 24, 2009

9 months

Yesterday, Abigayl would have been 9 months old. It is still shocking to me how grief can hit. Last night I was watching tv and I just started tearing up. I miss her so much and it is weird how life revolved around Abigayl and her schedule and now my life consists of tv and Internet. I'm so lucky to have Rusty as my husband. He came in from work and found me all red eyed with the beautiful book that Rachelle made us and new just what to say. We were able to talk about all the wonderful memories we have of her, which makes us laugh, smile and cry. I know no matter how hard I wish and pray that life could go back in time by 5-6 months, it has to continue forward.

I just miss her cute giggle and the way she sounded when she was talking to her taggie blanket. I wish I could see her with teeth, pulling up, crawling and eating real food. I'm sad I never will see her hit all those fun milestones. But, I am thankful I saw her do the things she did.

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