Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight :-(

As most of you know I am a HUGE fan of Stephenie Meyer's, Twilight. After much anticipation for the movie, and I mean ANTICIPATION! I would watch trailers on-line, re-watch the commercials, look at cast pics AND I am currently re-reading the series. Some friends of mine invited me to go to the midnight release of Twilight. So, last night we started out shopping, had some dinner, met up with a few more people at about 10 (there was a line of about 30 people, some of which had been there since 8!) before we joined the line at 11.

Anticipation was mounting and the line was growing. There were supposedly ~280 seats and the movie was supposed to be sold out! They told us that they would probably allow seating an hour before. Well they were wrong. They didn't start seating until 20 min before. Surprisingly we were able to sit in really decent seats. While taking it all in I noticed there were plenty of seats. I felt bad for the people that had been waiting and then to be told it was sold out. But any way, the hum of the crowd and the shouts here and there just made the anticipation grow even more.

By the time they started the previews the crowd was hooting and hollering. And that was just for the previews. It was like being in the middle of OU's stadium, during a really good game, when the movie actually started. It was nice and loud with all the screaming (you've got to love all the jr. highers and high schoolers). Finally, finally, it's here. The moment we had all been waiting for. We finally get to see Bella, Edward and all the other characters we have loved since the day we first read the books.

And then, TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Yes, you read right. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. The directing must have been horrible in combination with bad acting. It's like they barely stuck with the book. There was no character development for some of my favorite characters. More silence and funky eye "twitches"(for lack of better terms) then romance and Edwardisms. If they make the next one, I really hope they consider finding a new Bella and teach Edward not to move his eyes and over act so much. Same goes for Jasper. I'm really disappointed that Stephenie Meyer didn't stand up and take notice of the absolute catastrophe they were making of such great writing. Any way, if you have not read the series yet, do not judge the book by it's movie. The movie sucks but the books ROCK!

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AustinFamily said...

What bad news! I just got into the Twilight books and was looking forward to the movie. Guess I won't run out and watch it.