Friday, November 7, 2008

Pre-Halloween hot dog roast... with costumes.

For some reason my pictures keep installing backwards. I don't have the patients to fix it so you'll just have to see it out of order. These are from a hot dog roast at our neighbors house the weekend before Halloween. It was fun to see all the great costumes.

This was after we changed and went back over for a little while longer.
Rusty getting ready.... Isn't he buff?

Here we are all ready and ready to roast some hot dogs!
Before we changed into our comfy clothes I had Rusty take one good photo. It was a lot of fun to go over and be with a bunch of people. We didn't know many of them but we still had a great time getting to visit with our neighbors.

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Powers Alaska said...

My pictures keep installing backwards too! It's frustrating the crud out of me to reorganize them after they upload.