Monday, June 30, 2008

A great weekend!!

This weekend Rusty decided to take a side job. That meant another boring weekend at home... so I thought! Saturday was pretty boring but that night we met up with his cousin Laura for dinner so she could meet the little sweet girl for the first time. After dinner we went to his cousin Megan's new house... it is so cute! After a quick feed and change we decided to get home.

Sunday, we got up early for church. I was very tired but it was time to get back to normal life! After church Rusty had to go back out to work. So, I met up with Laura and Megan for a little shopping and lunch. It was great!! We had lunch, shopped, went for ice cream and then for dinner! Abi and I were gone for 9 hrs!!! She did fantastic. She only got fussy near the end of the day... and that was just because she was ready to eat!

Abi is ready to meet auntie Laura for the first time!!
Abi and auntie Laura getting to know each other...
Auntie Megan and auntie Laura
Chillin' on Megan's floor...
Feeding time... Auntie Megan was getting some practice in so she's ready to babysit soon!! Next, she needs to conquer diaper changing and we are all set!

A girls day was just what I needed! It was really great spending a day away from the house.

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