Monday, June 23, 2008

More Abigayl pictures...

These are some pictures my mom took while she was here.

I just love this picture of Abigayl

So much concentration!

I wore this exact same outfit the day that I came home from the hospital!

I think she looks better in it though!!!

This tomato outfit was the only outfit that fit her in her first week. All of the other newborn outfits we had for her were too big.

Rusty is rocking her in his grandpa Roy's old chair. I think I remember him saying it was 40+ years old. We had it recovered to match her room.

Rusty ordered this 8 ft stork to greet us when we got home from the hospital!

Grandma giving her a good old sponge bath... I'm glad that those days are over!!

She finds her fingers every now-and-then... luckily not very often!

All clean!

Abigayl is one month old today. I am in absolute amazement that it has already been that long! I guess time really does fly faster when you have kids. I have to say though, it's amazing how much you learn about a newborn in one month!! I went from crying when she cried to being able to ignore her a little so I can eat a hot meal!!! I love her to pieces though and am so thankful that she is my little angel.

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Powers Alaska said...

I love all the pictures! We can't wait to meet our niece next month!