Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time for a little catch up!

I know that it has been a VERY long time since I last posted. Therefore, this one is a long one!! I have tons of new pictures to share and lots of "firsts" that have gone on in the last couple of weeks. First things first, I can happily announce that Abigayl is now sleeping through the night. YAY!!! I know longer have to do a 2 am feeding, which is great for me and my house (now I'm not too tired to clean)!! Also, she has been out to restaurants, to the movies (drive-in), to the mall and to the park for a walk!

Rusty and I never thought we were going to get comfortable enough to take her out but she has done absolutely fantastic! We are so happy that we are now able to go out and do activities! Now, I just need to get brave enough to take her out on my own!!

First time in her swing! She doesn't always like it but sometime it is a good soother for me!

She is so alert... She is always trying to take in the world around her.

Rusty is so great with her. He almost always takes her two night feedings, diaper changes and bed times so that I can have a break! (and so he can get some time in with her!!)

This is at her second doctors appointment. Luckily we haven't had to do shots yet but unfortunately she has to do them at her next one

She sounded great! She was 20 1/2 in. and 8 lb 5.5oz!!

I love getting to watch her grow!

I thought that all the pictures can't be about her!!

Her stub fell off a couple days before the appointment and they were cleaning it up to get the bellybutton healed enough so we could give her a bath.

So cute!

Ready to gnaw my hand!! That's the hungry face.

Boppy pillows are the greatest invention! It is an arm saver.

Rusty and I love it when she tucks her legs in like this.... But, I think we love EVERYTHING she does!

My little angel

Hanging out with her grandpa

This was our first day with a real outing!! We went to the park and Lowe's... I think I may have over dressed her though. I'm still getting the hang of being a mommy!

She got a little bored waiting on us to get all the stuff together... but we are getting much faster now

Happy Father's day to Rusty... I know it was a special day for him this year

Daddy and Grandpa

Her first bath in her real tub... it was an absolute relief to not have to sponge bathe her anymore!
She tends to like her bath once she's in it. But she does not like the before and after... too cold in our AC filled house!

This was her first time on the tummy time mat. She is doing REALLY well at holding her head up. She actually started doing it while we were holding her in her first week!!

It takes a lot of concentration though!

I had to sneak in the picture!!

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