Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend... fun times

Abigayl's first picture with Dr. Gehring
Abigayl is now social smiling!! I am so excited. When we talk to her and play with her she smiles at us. In this picture, she was on her play mat looking in the mirror while I was talking to her. Over the weekend she was dishing out smiles to lots of people. What I love most though, when I get her up from naps she smiles at me. It feels really good to have her recognize me!
Her uncle Wayne took a little while, but he finally held her
I think her great-uncle Ken might like her!! She seemed to be the center of attention where ever we went. Everyone waited their turn to get to hold her!!

Her great-grandma and her grandpa argued over whose turn it was to hold her!!
Her first 4th shirt... she is definitely our little firecracker!!!
Here she is taking a nap on daddy's chest. He was sleeping too, but I woke him up while I was looking for the camera.
We still have to get pictures together every now and then!!!
Abi's first dip in the lake... just her feet of course! Rusty said that as soon as her foot hit the water she started shaking it. I think she might have thought it was cold!!

It was really nice to see Rusty's brother, Wayne, and his family make it to the lake this year. We are hoping that they will make it a tradition to come every year now!
Abi sat and enjoyed the warm breeze by the lake. I think she really liked it. It was a lot for her to take in because she hasn't really been outside much. The weather here is just too hot.
She really likes her great-aunt Dana. Dana sang and talked to her for a while. Abi just smiled and even gave a little giggle!
Abi really likes it when her Aunt Marcy sings to her. She also went into a trance looking at her uncle Wayne's TU hat. She must like yellow, red and blue!
Abi was a great sport while we were at the lake. She only went off her schedule the first day. After that, it was back to sleeping well and eating great! I'm sure she will love it next year when she can spend a little more time down at the water playing. This weekend though, she was the belle of the ball. She definitely got lots of love and kisses. She also got to meet a lot more of her family.

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