Thursday, July 24, 2008

2 month appointment

Today was Abigayl's 2 month check-up. That means she had to have the dreaded shots :( I couldn't help buy hold back some tears when she started crying from the needle pricks. ouchy. She recovered really well and was happy as a clam once I started talking to her and held her.
It never seems very comfy when they take the head circumference measurement.
She is my little chunk! She weighs 13 1/4 - 13 1/2 now... she started at 7 lb 3 oz!!! She is now 23 in.... that is 3 1/4 in longer.... I think she is getting too big!!
I had to get a picture with her... I love this girl!!
So pretty... just hanging out on the table looking cute.
She was smiling but I caught a tongue picture!

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