Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rowynn Stories

I apologize in advance if my story telling isn't eloquent or funny. I really just wanted to put these here so I would have a FOREVER record of the cuteness of my child!

1. I was sitting on the front porch one afternoon and pulled the tag off of the table that we bought last summer. As I had the rolled up tag in my hand, Rowynn came over and took the paper from out of my hand. I looked at him and said, "trash, that is trash". Rowynn took off for the front door (walking!) and proceeded for the kitchen. When we got into the kitchen, he pointed at the trash can!!! I couldn't believe me eyes. So, I lifted the lid to see what would happen and sure enough, Rowynn tossed the tag in the trash. Let's just say that at that very moment I was one very proud mommy. It is incredible to watch your kids start to recognize words you don't really feel you ever teach them.

2. I was in the kitchen prepping for our annual egg hunt (post to come) when Rowynn came in to "help" me. He spit up a little and I said, "uh oh, spit up". He took off for the living room and all of a sudden Rusty said, "Raychel, Raychel" when I responded he said, "you'll see" and two seconds later my son came toddling in the kitchen with a burp rag in hand. Even more amazing, he sat down where he had spit up a little and wiped up the mess!!
Rusty said that after I said, "uh oh, spit up" that he came crawling in the living room, as fast as he could, headed straight for the burp rag basket!

I think my son is a genius!!

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Katie Smith said...

awww, so cute! smart boy!