Monday, April 18, 2011

Let My Garden Grow

Replaced the pond/waterfall with a rock garden and fountain
We had a busy weekend of gardening and beautifying the front of the house. Lets just say that Lowe's made a killing off of us this weekend!

One of the biggest things was that Rusty finished his transition from pond to rock garden. Though we loved the waterfall and pond, we felt that it just wasn't conducive with having young children. We never want to have something around that could be harmful to our babies and it was to much of a drowning hazard. So, Rusty took out the pond and filled it in with dirt and added lots of rocks and a small "fountain" in the middle rock pile.
Along with the rock structure, we had lots of plants that needed to go in the ground. Before we could start that, Rusty did all of the weeding in the garden.
We decided to plant nineteen ground phlox in hopes that our garden will become a carpet of purple flowers in the next couple of years.
Starting to come together
While Rusty worked hard in the main flower bed, I was hard at work getting flowers planted in the nine planters we have on the front porch. Rusty put a banana tree in each of our two large pots and I surrounded them with some pretty yellow flowers.
Next up were the four planters that are around the front entry. In each of these we planted rhododendrons and some small purple flowers in front.
I'm very pleased with how they turned out
We had also planted a few more ground phlox plants in Abigayl's garden last weekend. See the size difference between the ones in the front and the plants behind? That is the difference one year can make!

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