Monday, April 25, 2011

2nd Annual Egg Hunt

This year we hosted our 2nd annual Easter egg hunt and it was a blast! It is always such a joy watching all of the kids hunt for the TONS of eggs that are out in the yard for them to find. Plus, the food this year was pretty awesome!

I decided to make it a potluck lunch and I am very glad I did! Each dish that was brought was so scrumptious! I contributed the Italian sandwich that is pictured above along with pineapple cupcakes, carrot cake cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes and an eclair cake. Let's just say that my pregnancy taste buds wouldn't let me make only one dessert so I went a bit overboard on the dessert making!

The pineapple cupcakes, carrot cake cupcakes and eclair cake were all made super low-fat so it wouldn't interfere with bathing suit preparations for all of the guests!

This year we had 20 adults and 16 kids! It was fantastic!! Here are a few pictures of our wonderful friends:

Rowynn did had a ball trying to keep up with all of the bigger kids. I was so impressed with how great he was, especially since he woke up at 6:30am and didn't take a nap until 2:30pm.

His first hunt and he captured 4 eggs!

 Oops, a little chocolate drool!

 Then the chocolate drool became a chocolate fountain!
 He wouldn't carry his own basket but he sure was ready to steal the eggs from the pretty, pink, frilly one.
 Rusty wanted to have a few eggs colored for Rowynn to hunt in the morning so we stayed up late a dyed a few. We left some uncolored so we could watch Rowynn dye his own eggs.

Not too shabby for us adults! I'm looking forward to a lot more egg dying next year!

I'm also looking forward to our 3rd annual egg hunt! We are already thinking that next year we may rent a bounce house so the kids (and adults) will have some fun activities to do. I'm also thinking that some good ol' fashion games might be a great idea for next year! Can you say gunny sack races? Or, egg toss?

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