Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Basket of Fun

*be sure to turn off the music, there is a video*
We finally got to make an Easter basket and it was all I wanted it to be! It is amazing how long you can anticipate something that a lot of parents take for granted. We really enjoyed finding all the goodies for him.

 I think he enjoyed it as well!
 Sam's had this big dog book and I love that there are spots on each dog where you can "pet" the dog.

 I'm currently enrolled in a photography class and will hopefully succeed at taking better pictures, I have a long way to go!
 Mmm... chocolate bunny on a stick!
 Rowynn got his first fishing pole!!
 Go fish!!

 "Here daddy, you eat the fish" 
I love how Rowynn opens his mouth when he feeds us!
I know it is blurry but, I sure love his facial expression.

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