Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Egg-citing Coloring Time

**video in the mix, make sure to shut off the music down below**
We are so excited that we finally got to experience the joy of egg dying with our wonderful son! I know there are many parents that fret about the mess but I say fun trumps mess! This will be a joyous and yearly tradition for all of us.
 Speaking of mess!!!
 Looks like a blue egg is out of the question.
 Yes, my son had bluish green hands in the end and it lasted for a couple of days!
 But look at the smile on his face! Worth every spill, clean up and minute.

 The shiny one is Rowynn's first ever colored Easter egg!!
 When he finished coloring eggs, he decided the cups needed to be stacked. Full or not!
It sure was messy but, it sure was FUN!

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