Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We have had the craziest day today. Blizzard conditions and negative temperatures. All-in-all, our snowfall totaled 19 inches but there are snow drifts in our yard that are probably 4-5 feet high. Lets just say, this is the best snow storm I have ever been in!!

Obviously school was closed do to our inclement weather plus there was no work for Rusty since even snow plows are getting stuck in the snow. So, it has been one lazy day around the R and R household!
 Rowynn doing what he does best, climbing up mommy's leg!!
 Snow drift up against the back door. Not too impressive seeing that it is only a foot high.
 Look at that blizzard! Snow is falling!
 Rowynn loves his magnets! And lookin' cute, of course ;-)
 Now that is a snow drift!! That is on the front porch, crazy!
 Rusty and I decided to go play in the DEEP snow for as long as we could stand. Rowynn was taking a nap so it was perfect timing.

That snow drift on the front porch was as tall as Rusty sitting in the swing! I can't believe the record snowfall we had in 15 hours.

 Oops, I fell. It was just so deep.

 Half of our front porch is gone! Crazy amounts of snow, that's all I can say.

Tomorrow won't be much warmer but hopefully the windchill won't be as harsh. I'm ready to take Rowynn out so he can "play" in the fun white stuff. Hopefully I will have some Rowynn pictures for tomorrow.

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