Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Eight Inches

 Yup, here in the greater Tulsa area we received another eight inches of snow. Pile that on top of the twenty-one inches we had already on the ground and I think it will take some time for our HUGE snow banks to melt off!
 Poor Rusty had just shoveled the back porch when this storm blew in.
As much as the snow has been a hassle, it sure is beautiful! I think this may be our last snow of the winter so we took Rowynn out (for 2 minutes!) to enjoy its beauty before it melts off in the seventy degree weather we are supposed to have Wednesday and Thursday!

I must say, I'm thankful for a warm-up. After this storm came some horrific arctic air that left us with air temperatures in the negatives. We were -9 but just a few miles north of us it was -25! Crazy. We were colder than the north pole that day.

Those of you enjoying your warm air, please keep enjoying it. I'm sitting in Oklahoman trying not to freeze my tail end off!

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