Friday, February 4, 2011


Seeing that we are still buried under 21" of snow because it has been too cold to melt away, we finally got our little man bundled up and out in all of this glorious white stuff. We hadn't taken him out yet because it has been far to cold (teens, single digits and wind chills in the negatives).

Yesterday it got up to a balmy 21 so we thought it was high time that this kid venture outside of our four walls to have some fun!

 Thankfully we found some 12 month snow pants Sunday before the storm hit. He was ready for his adventure!
 He sat in this very spot for a while, not sure how to maneuver in this weird terrain!
 He finally found the courage to start crawling toward his mama who just so happened to have a camera pointed at him. He couldn't stand it anymore, he had to try to get the camera!
 Since it has been so COLD we decided to bring our beagle into the garage to stay warm. Rowynn enjoyed getting up close and personal with the little guy. Normally he just gets to see him from over a fence.
 Daddy had to show up mommy! I tried making a snow angel in the drive way, Rusty took it one step further and headed for the nice fluffy snow rather than the hard, icy driveway.
 Rowynn loves puppies! Just look at that smile.
 I know he is my own, but my goodness he is cute! I just love this guy.
 Daddy decided to help Rowynn make a snow angel.

 Rowynn is standing in a tire rut in our driveway, that is how deep the snow is!
 Help daddy! Take me to the warmth.
 Hmm... what's on my glove?
 Oh, I can eat it.
 He liked eating the snow off of hit mitten. SO CUTE!
 Rusty and his mini-Rusty
It was hard to make this shot work with all the padding and gloves. This was the best I could do. I only attempted one shot though. We did have an (almost) one year old to think about!

Speaking of almost one, due to the incredible amount of snow we received we had to postpone Rowynn's birthday party. It makes me so sad. But, like Rusty pointed out, he is still going to turn one. My plan is to make some cupcakes for Rowynn tomorrow and let him dig in!

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