Monday, February 14, 2011

Party Time

 It was finally "nice" (snow on the ground but 50 degrees) enough to have Rowynn's birthday party. Thanks to some awesome effort by my friend Katie, I had some cute little handmade accessories. (she made the sign)
 She also made the gift bags for the kids to put their pinata candy into.
I wish I would have taken the picture before all the kids left. It was super cute to see all the personalized bags.
 The whole table was covered with bags... I really liked it!
 Present time!!
 Ignore me, just pay attention to the cute one on my lap!
 I LOVE the shirt that I found on etsy. The girl who made it did it even though it was short notice and she did an AMAZING job.

 Thanks to Ludger's for the beautiful smash cake! They did such an amazing job with both cakes. Ludger's is our number one place to go for cakes. Their cheesecake is to die for and they always do such a wonderful job with decorating the cakes.
 Not only is the cake beautiful and delicious, it also fat free. Just kidding on the last part! But, Rusty said that he received the best customer service that he's ever had. The didn't have the smash cake ready when he got there, so they gave him a slice of chocolate cheesecake and original while he waited. He said that they made him feel like he was the only customer even though the phones were ringing off the hook and there were girls in there trying to order a wedding cake. So, thank you Ludger's for everything!
 I tried to get a shot with his Mickey ears, not happening!

 Cake time!

 Just love this shot! It was after everyone had left and he was trying to get outside. Getting Rowynn's diaper is getting to be near impossible, he just wiggles and moves all over.
Rowynn's birthday turned out to be so special. I'm so glad we were finally able to throw him a party. He is one loved little guy!

On a side note, today Rowynn rode facing forward in the car for the first time AND he took one step this morning! I hope that means we have walking in our future!

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Katie Smith said...

It was a wonderful perty. I am so happy I got to be there for your little guys first celebration of birth!