Monday, January 31, 2011


Here in the great state of Oklahoma we had some unseasonably nice weather. We had two days in a row that got into the mid-seventies!!! It was AMAZING.

Rusty had to go to a class, but I was able to talk my friend Katie (and her family) to go to the zoo for the morning. My goodness it was great!

Did you see the baby chimp in the above picture? He's giving his mommy (or daddy) a nice little baby chimp hug! It reminds me of me and my baby!
Speaking of my baby, he was an absolute sweetheart that day. Even though he had decided to skip his morning nap, he was still such a good boy. Plus, he is just oh so handsome!!
While in the rain forest portion of the zoo, we decided to get a group shot of all the boys. Let's just say that my little guy did not want to cooperate on this little adventure. His sleepiness must have kicked in or something. 
Chandler and Parker were as cute as a button though! 
 And so good with my little stinker.
At this point Rowynn looked to Shaun for saving. You can read the desperate cry for help in those innocent eyes. "Please Shaun, they are torturing me!"

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Katie Smith said...

so cute. Im glad they all got up there together!