Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eleven Months and On the Move!

Sorry there have been a lack of pictures here on R and R. My son crawls at the camera as soon as it is pointed at him. I can never get any candid shot of him playing since he some how has a sixth sense when that camera comes out.

You will just have to visualize the one I really wanted to take. I was in the middle of changing his diaper-which is always a chore these days- when once again he flipped over and took off crawling across the floor, naked hiney is all I could see! He crawled over to the fireplace and stood up to play with some toys (insert cute mental picture here) and then he grabs a toy off the fireplace and sits down on the floor with his back turned to me... adorable!

Can you believe that Rowynn is 11 months already!?! My goodness the time flies when there is a baby in the picture. I'm already starting to plan his 1st birthday!

Now that he is eleven months, he is waving and he scoots his way along the couch or counter or from tall toy to tall toy. I'm hoping that this means there will be some walking in his near future! He is also getting a little more brave about standing by himself for 1-2 seconds at a time. It is incredible to watch a baby grow from a little lump of skin to a functioning little person! I have enjoyed the journey thus far and pray that Rowynn's days by far exceed mine.

During the week Rowynn is enjoying play time with three very lovely boys. I think, now that he is used to the daily routine, he is really enjoying getting to play with the bigger boys everyday. And thankfully they are pretty good about letting him follow them around and play with the toys they are playing with.

I promise I will try to get some good pictures of my little man. I know that is why most of you come to the site! I will for sure do my best.

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CampbellsLove said...

I am pretty sure that around the 11 month mark is when my blogging began to take a fall! LOL. It's a great time =) Life will speed up as you know it!!!!

What are you going to do for his bday? Can you believe that we're planning 1st and 2nd birthdays for our babies??