Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year (a few days late)!!

Our house wasn't all that exciting over New Year's Eve but we did get some stuff accomplished. By we, I mean that Rusty did some wonderful projects around the house!

I now have a usable, large pantry where a coat closet used to be- it's right across from the kitchen so it ties in well. I have a built in shoe rack in my closet and that allowed me to move my other shoe rack into the mud room for all the seasonal shoes. Plus, Rusty installed some hooks in the mud room so we have a place to catch all of our jackets, hats and scarves!

*side note: when rusty built me new shelves and I started rearranging my shoes, it forced me to purge ten pairs! I think I have a shoe hoarding problem. Please send help IMMEDIATELY! 

No worries, I didn't just sit around like a bump on a log (though I'm starting to feel more and more like one!). There was lots of food cooking going on in the kitchen and then a lot of kitchen cleaning over the weekend! Not only that, I had to get the house cleaned and prepared for the three awesome boys that will be spending the next five months (M-F) hanging out with me and Rowynn.

Along with house cleaning, cooking and Rusty projects, we put away all of our indoor Christmas decorations and Rusty hauled them back up to the attic.

Poor Rowynn woke up from a nap and all of a sudden his tree and pretties were all gone. I believe he may have been a bit confused and disoriented when we woke up from that nap! Poor guy.

With the New Year brought some new Rowynn tricks. Rowynn woke up one morning (of course it was the morning that I slept in!) and started saying la, la, la, la!! The way I see it, that is one step closer to MA, MA, MA, MA!! WooHoo! And, he "walked" ~15 feet with the help of his Fisher Price Stride and Ride Dino we got from hosting the Fisher Price party! It was AWESOME to see him actually upright!

All in all, I think this will be an outstanding year. I have no complaints about last year because we have the sweetest little guy to look at every day and I'm looking forward to adding to our family this year. I just hope this won't become a yearly post! I'd like to try not to have one kid every year, I think I would pass out from exhaustion at some point.

My prayer is that you all have a WONDERFUL, BLESSED and HAPPY year this year.

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