Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 I know it has been FOREVER and I am so sorry. I'm glad that you still come back to check the site! Rowynn keeps me running around like crazy and majority of the time won't let me take pictures unless they are of him crawling up my leg trying to get the camera! I was able to capture a few though and I thought I would share.
 This is Rowynn's favorite spot in the house! He loves that he can fall backward and land on a soft cushion.
 He also likes to try to get the plug covers off. I have ones throughout the house that are made to come out more easily and boy do they ever! You know they don't work when your baby can get them out. So, I had to switch to the ones I hate. I hate them because they are so hard to get out!!
 Our eleven month old boy sprouted his eighth tooth!! So, he has been a chewing, drooling, fussy mess the last couple of days.
 Oh, he saw the camera!
Hello mama!

For the past two weeks I have watched three really sweet boys and I think it has been an awesome experience for both Rowynn and I. Since the boys started coming over, Rowynn has taken to eating solids. Granted, baby food is out of the question but he loves bananas, Gerber finger snacks, mandarin oranges, hot dogs, cheese and lots of other stuff. 

He also has learned to try to play with the boys and I love watching him flourish with the big kids. I think having all these other kids around is good practice for when he has a little sibling!!

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Katie Smith said...

And we are so greatful to you and love that the boys get to be a big brothers to such a cute little guy.