Sunday, January 23, 2011


 I really wish I could figure out how to start my blogging ABOVE the first picture! It is killing me that I always have to start under the first picture because it throws things off. Sorry that you all have to put up with my stupid blogging misfortune!

Okay, pretend this part is ABOVE the picture. My day started off with breakfast with my father-in-law at Hard Rock. Yummy as always and I didn't have to dirty a dish. It has become quite our weekly thing to meet up so Rowynn can visit with his grandpa.

After breakfast (and a 30 minute nap!), my very dear friend, Katie, came and picked me up for an afternoon girls date!

As soon as I got in the car she handed me the sweetest gift, a charm bracelet that had charms to represent Abigayl, Rowynn and our friendship. I cried. I'm pregnant and a big baby, so I cried!

We then ate lunch but mainly talked. It's what girls do. We T-A-L-K! Time flew and before we knew it it was time to head to the theater. We watched "How Do You Know" and laughed. It was slow at times but it was a good movie.

After getting home, we sat in my driveway for a few more minutes... and talked! I was telling her that I didn't think Rusty had any plans and asked her if she would want to go to an evening movie if that was the case!

When I walked in the door I walked in to (above) flowers on our entry way table and a yummy ice cream cake!
 I love ice cream cake! He hit it perfectly! Chocolate cake, peanut butter chocolate ice cream and chocolate frosting. YUUUMMMM!!!!!

Five minutes after I walked in the door he said his mom had pulled in. I thought this strange at first but he then told me he asked her to come up so we could have dinner! How sweet! Total surprise!

While out with Katie, I had bought some household necessities but then left them in her car. Before heading to dinner, we stopped by to pick up my things. Rusty said, "who's hungry" and Katie and Shaun both said they were. Another surprise! Katie and Shaun were joining us for dinner at Osaka. I'm so glad Rusty picked Osaka because I have been CRAVING some good ol' hibachi style cooking.

 Food hot off the cook top? YES PLEASE!
 I sure do love my man! (don't mind the red nose... I caught a stupid cold)
 Awww, what a great day with one of my best friends!
 The charm bracelet Katie got me! Blue footprints for Rowynn, butterfly and pink footprints for Abigayl, friends charm for Katie and I, diamond ring for my blissful marriage with Rusty and a shoe since I have an obsession with shoes!
Such a magical day! I just felt spoiled, surprised and LOVED all day!


Katie Smith said...

So nice to spend a beautiful day with a beautiful friend!

Kelly said...

Happy Bday. Looks like you had a great one.

Jamie said...

Glad you had such a great day. That bracelet is super cool.

For the pictures: after you insert your pictures (usually insert all pics before I add any words) you can put your cursor at the top of the page and press return. It doesn't look like your pic moved down, but then use the scroll bar to get back to the top of the post. See if that helps.

Raychel said...

Thanks Jamie. I will give it a try!