Wednesday, July 21, 2010


1. My eye is doing GREAT! I have been inflammation free for a month now.
2. I have been steroid free for 2 weeks!
3. Our A/C went out on Friday leaving us with one option, buy a new unit.
4. We spent our weekend house hopping.
5. Enjoyed all the places we stayed but ended the weekend with a migraine.
6. Our new unit was installed on Monday and works GREAT!!
7. Rowynn at a WHOLE jar of baby food this weekend! Mmm.. carrots.
8. Rowynn now eats all solid food in his carrier so there are no distractions!
9. I just spent the day with my cousin (who is more like a sister) and her son.
10. I missed them the minute they left my house.
11. I cried 5 minutes after they left.
12. I'm emotional!
13. My diet/exercise routine was thrown off track by the broken A/C unit.
14. It has made me even more emotional since there is no weight loss.
15. I plan on getting back on the wagon in the morning.... pray I do it!

I have LOTS of pictures to upload and blog about. Be patient! I have a lot of catching up to do. I promise they are coming.


carrie said...

hoooooooooray! you're back! we were starting to wonder!! so glad to see a post, can't wait for you to show us some more pics of that lil' pumpkin !


sandy said...

Yeah Rowynn!!! We miss that little guy :) We need to get together soon. Glad your eye is doing alot better...if you want we can go workout together, talk to ya soon :)