Tuesday, July 13, 2010

High Chair...

We first bought this high chair when Abigayl was still in my tummy. It sat, unused, for a long time. The first little one, and maybe the only little one, to ever use it was Chandler.

I'm sure I have talked about Chandler before but just in case I haven't, here is the run down. Chandler is a week older than Abigayl. Watching him is like getting to watch Abigayl grow up. At first it was hard but now it is an absolute joy.
Katie was over and suggested I put him in his high chair so he could sit with us while we all ate lunch. I think he liked it!
Though, Chandler may have gotten a little bit of jealousy going when he saw Rowynn in the chair. He said, "my high chair" and Katie diffused the situation with "look what you taught Rowynn to do!". After she said that he was pretty proud of himself!
Of course we had to show off the new trick to daddy! So his meal that night was served at his highchair. It's pretty great to finally get to see one of our children in that chair!

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