Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parties Galore

Last weekend was packed with parties! Saturday we had two birthday's to attend. One for two sweet boys (twins) and one for Rusty's 85 year old grandma.

First we headed over to the twins' birthday party at the skating rink. Let me tell you, Rusty and I are both pretty rusty (no pun intended) on a pair of skates! It took a couple of times around the floor to get the hang of it. It brought me straight back to junior high.
Rusty was reluctant to hold Rowynn while on his skates... but I talked him into a photo opp!
Rusty's dad Look at him go! Time for some hokey poky!

After our skating adventure we headed to his grandma's birthday party. His aunt Kay had some YUMMY food! I'll tell you, I could have eaten the whole bowl of fruit salad she made!
We had a family photo (all 25-30 people who were there) but I will have to get that from my mother-in-law. I didn't have one taken on our camera. Rusty's cousin and his sonI love seeing Rowynn with other kids! So stinkin' cute.

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