Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Trick

The other night while Rowynn was laying in Rusty's lap, he decided to sit up! He doesn't do it while he is lying flat on the floor but he has sat up in Rusty's lap a couple of times.

I hope that means we are one step closer to him sitting up on his own! I can't wait to see such a big milestone.
Sitting up in daddy's lap
Rusty isn't even supporting his back... Rowynn is doing it all by himself.
Such a happy boyI think he may have been pretty proud of himself! And, I think daddy was pretty proud of his son. My friend Katie gave us this toy and it is Rowynn's first toy that he sits up to play with... look, he's doing it all by himself! Eventually this boy has got to sprout some teeth... he chews on EVERYTHING. Plus, he drools constantly.


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He is getting so big! He's so cute. I'm glad you guys had fun in Branson. I'm hoping to take our family there sometime soon. Love all the pics!