Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Been a While

Sorry it has been so long.... it has been pretty busy around here. Our weather has been BEAUTIFUL which has made for a lot of time outside.

For the past few weeks Rowynn and I have had a weekly "date" to the zoo with a friend of mine and her 9 month old daughter (Rowynn's first girlfriend). It is so nice to know I have at least one day out of the house and with another adult! It doesn't hurt that I'm getting a little walking in either.

Speaking of walking/working out, I have been doing 30 Day Shred for 19 days (I can't count today because I haven't done it yet) and in the 19 days I have only missed 3 days. I'm pretty proud of myself. I am currently on level 2 and it continues to kick my butt every morning. I get done and I feel like I'm going to pass out or throw up. I'm wondering at what point it will get easier for me.

If I'm going to be honest, I have to admit that though I am working my butt off every morning I am having a REALLY hard time staying away from sugar. I have heard that this could be a result of the oral steroids. So, my working out may just be cancelling out the junk I'm eating. That may be why I'm not seeing much of the way of results. I can see more muscle definition in my legs and arms though. It is my core that is being difficult.

Unfortunately, my eye took a turn for the worse this week. I went in on Friday to find that my vision has gone back to 2500. That is the single, big E on the eye chart. In actuality, I couldn't even see the E. My doctor has upped my steroid to 60mg and is going to try to get me in to a Rheumatologist (specializes in inflammation) and I am going to call a retinologist on Monday. I think it is time for me to get a second opinion. I have been dealing with this issue for 2 months now and I really don't want to lose my sight in that eye.
I really hate posting pictures of myself right now because I am NOT happy with the way I look. But, I love my little man.
Rowynn may be teething. He was super fussy this night and was only happy when he had something to suck/chew on. This is a toy Rusty bought him that vibrates when you move the wing. Rowynn seemed to like it!
After seeing a couple of friends put their babies (younger or same age as Rowynn) in their Bumbo seats, I decided to let Rowynn sit in his. It made it so nice because I was actually able to eat lunch without him getting fussy at me!


Sandy said...

You look Fantastic!!
Praying for you and your vision!!


Lacy said...

You look great. Don't be too hard on just had a baby! I hope your vision gets better soon.