Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fat and NOT so happy

Well, it has been a full month since I started working out (not the shred just working out in general) and I decided since my last weight and measurements were from March 17Th it was time. Needless to say, it was VERY disappointing.

Before starting the shred I had been using my elliptical machine and some of my other workout DVDs. I have done the shred for ~20 days (minus four since I've missed four days). In all the effort I have put forth I have gained 5lbs and lost almost zero inches. I have actually gained a little in some places.

Discouraged? I think so. I know that the prednisone plays a role in the weight gain but it is still hard to put forth SO much effort and see VERY LITTLE in the way of change. I guess I just have to focus on the muscle strength that I have gained over the past couple of weeks.

All I can say is GRRRR.... I'm frustrated!!!

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