Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg-cellent Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! Not only was it beautiful but we have such an amazing reason to celebrate. We are given salvation through Jesus Christ and his work on the cross. I'm so thankful for my salvation and the knowledge of where I will be when my time comes. I'm so thankful that Abigayl is in such an amazing place and that one day I will meet her there.
Rowynn's first (of many) ride in daddy's work truck...

My handsome men!
Saturday we had our Sunday School class over for an egg hunt and lunch. What a spectacular day! The weather was in the 70's, it was sunny and beautiful. This was our second annual egg hunt. Last year it was 4 adults and 2 children and this year it was ~22 adults and ~16 kids!! I'm really looking forward to next year and seeing how much it grows.
There were plenty of candy filled eggs to find. I think there were about 12-16 dozen eggs. It was a really great day!

Ready, Set, Go!

Taking stock...

Rowynn slept through the egg hunt.

Sunday was a busy day as well. We started our morning with church and then headed to Sedan, KS to see family.

Mommy's ready but Rowynn still needs to get dressed!

Ready to visit family!

Rowynn's great-grandma Iva Jean

Rowynn's great-grandma Kathleen

It was a fun filled, love filled, happy weekend. We are so blessed.

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