Monday, July 11, 2011

Shower Fun

My sweet and dear friends, Jill and Katie, volunteered to host a baby shower in honor of Brennyn's arrival (a mere two days before I delivered!).

At one point we were uncertain about whether it would take place because I came down with a nasty case of PUPPP. After speaking with my physician and realizing that there was nothing he could do or prescribe, I headed for Google and found MANY women who swore by Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap (used in the shower 2-3 times daily with a vigorous scrubbing) and two glasses of V8 per day. Amazingly, 2 days after using the soap and V8, the rash was gone!

With the party back on, my awesome friends threw such a wonderful shower.
See those cupcakes all staked up on the tower and plates? BEST cupcakes! Jill made every one of those from scratch. There was coconut with a coconut cream pie filling and then chocolate with a chocolate pudding filling. DIVINE!!
Katie used her crafty genius to make the signs and both Jill and Katie made the diaper cake.
What made this shower so super special was that my mom was actually able to attend. Both of my previous showers were a month or two before I delivered and my mom was unable to attend since she lives in Alaska and can't fly down every time there is an event!
Thanks to all of my friends and family, we were completely ready for Brennyn to enter the world. All I can say is that we were COMPLETELY spoiled!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really had a wonderful time and walked away feeling extremely blessed.
Brennyn even has his own monogrammed burp cloths!
Not only did Brennyn get tons of goodies but, Rowynn's grandpa and grandma Patty brought him this rocking chair! It beats sitting on the fireplace and he loves to rock in it!
While enjoying the festivities, Rowynn decided to "borrow" a pair of sweet, little white shoes! Let's just say they weren't from the boys section!!!
He loved them though!

After a long day of partying and playing with a bunch of new friends, it was time for some down time with daddy. Got to love the matching outfits!!

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