Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brennyn Laen

Forewarning, there are 51 pictures to this post!! What can I say, it was a big day.

On June 28, 2011, Brennyn Laen was born at 7:28am. He weighed in at 8lb 6oz and 19.5 inches. He is perfect and wonderful!

 My final pregnancy shot! Not that there were many this time around. It was almost time to head to the hospital!
 It was time to hurry up and wait!
 At least I had a handsome hubby by my side to keep me company
 Just in case the c-section didn't work out, Rusty was ready to catch Brennyn!!
 He's here! He's here!
 I finally get an up close view and a little snuggle. It is a sigh of relief as soon as I hear the cry and then it is pure anticipation knowing I'll get to snuggle my baby.
 There are times when I wish they could leave him with me while my WONDERFUL doctor finishes up the surgery. Unfortunately I don't get to hold my little man for 20-30 after he is born.

 Isn't he perfect?!

 Our first picture with the our new baby!
 One of my favorite shots from delivery!
 I know I am biased but, my goodness he is a perfect little thing!

 First time meeting his grandpa...
 and grandma Patty.
 Three generations of Stamper men!
 My turn!!!!!

 My breastfeeding guru and best friend!
 Time for his first bath

 Finally my little man showed up and it was time to introduce him to his new baby brother
 Time to meet grandma Diana and big brother!
 Rowynn was so good with him! He just hugged and kissed him. And it has only gotten better since we arrived home!
 Grandma and baby!
 Rowynn's best friends! I have a feeling that Brennyn is in for a treat having three older "brothers"
 Rusty's uncle Jerry
 My dear friend Sara

 My three amazing guys!

 Ready to go home!!

 Good bye hospital...

Let's go home!!

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PS Photography said...

I love all the pictures! He is so precious. Congrats you guys.