Friday, July 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Coming home was such a wonderful time for me. I had missed my little man, my bed, hanging out with my mom and husband, sleep and I was all around ready to leave what is my most expensive "hotel" room I will probably ever stay in!
 Rowynn was all about seeing Brennyn! Mom turned into chopped liver during my two nights away.
He was touching him, trying to get in the carrier with him and once Brennyn was out Rowynn just hugged and kissed on his new little brother. 

Seeing Rowynn and Brennyn together is such a special thing for Rusty and I because we have waited a very long time to see two of our own children get to interact. 
Rusty and I know that we are so blessed. We found each other and we were given three beautiful, wonderful and perfect children.

 Our new family!!!
 Daddy with his two boys....
 and loving every minute!
 Brennyn with his great-grandmother, Iva Jean
 Both of our kids are lucky enough to have two great-grandmas, three grandmas and an amazing grandpa!
 Strike a pose
 You know it's official when the stork lands...
 another bundle to put up on our "trophy wall" 
(it's how Rusty referred to the wall where we have all three of the bundles hung in the garage)
Sadly, after returning home from the hospital I found that my feet were getting very swollen. Poor Rowynn had to interact with me while I stayed planted on the couch with my feet propped up.

I called my doctor about the swelling but through our conversation I had told her about headaches I had been having. Long story short, I found that my blood pressure was 195/107 and they asked me to come in for a check-up. After putting me on blood pressure medicine it still isn't back to perfect but it has gone down. My hope is that I won't have to be on it much longer!

Striking a pose out in the Oklahoma heat while daddy was showing Rowynn some of the fun kiddie fireworks.

So far Brennyn has been a fantastic baby. He sleeps well and eats pretty good. My one hope is that he will be like his sister and brother and start sleeping through the night soon! Abigayl started sleeping through the night at six weeks and Rowynn started at eight weeks. I know, I know.... we've been spoiled!

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