Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bath Time

Brennyn's umbilical stub fell off and I was finally able to give him a real bath!! (Around July 15th)
I was so happy with how well he did. Especially since Rowynn through big fits if he wasn't changed and bathed in a nice warm environment! 

Brennyn on the other hand, he didn't make a peep when I got him undressed or pulled him out of the warm tub. I even had the a/c on!!
 Love those cheeks!

The sleepless nights are the only hard thing about having two children. Even though I have two that are under the age of 18 months! I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I am still able to accomplish. My house chores are what suffer the most but, that would be because I don't like them in the first place!

My husband and Rowynn have good, homemade food to eat. My babies are clean and changed and we even have clean laundry!! I can say that the clean laundry most likely isn't hanging on a hanger or nicely folded in a drawer but, it's clean!

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