Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This year we decided to have Thanksgiving at our house. For me, it was nice to have such great friends and family around, especially with what a painful day it was. Since I am not capable of making a meal that feeds the amount of people eating it, it turned out that I had TONS of left overs. (which made good soup in the days to follow!)

Our spread consisted of: for starters, yogurt and mustard filled new potatoes, veggie tray and deviled eggs.
For dinner we had: ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes (I found a recipe to make them in a crock pot!!), cranberry sauce (homemade, no canned here), corn bread dressing (thank you Rachel Ray), rolls and Aunt Linda brought green bean casserole and a salad.
The dessert table was GREAT, we had: pumpkin pie, pecan pie (my first one I've ever made), my sister-in-law, Tiffaney, brought peanut butter pie (Rusty's fav) and pineapple upside down cake. Megan made a pumpkin cheese ball, it was yummy, you spread it on graham crackers. Laura made ambrosia salad (made me feel like I was eating something healthy). Aunt Sheri brought blackberry wine cake, YUMMY, I've never had anything like it! And I think that rounds out the whole meal!!

Rusty's cousins (my friends): Laura and Megan

Rusty with Laura and Megan
Rusty, Rusty's mom Linda and Rusty's sister Tiffaney
Laura, Megan and I (of course I hover around the food!)

Tiffaney's son Jason
They are twins and here is Justin and Jason

Rusty's grandma Jean.

Rusty's aunts, Linda and Sheri
Well, it was the best Thanksgiving it could be. We were surrounded by people that love us and that we love back. We lit a candle and placed it on Abigayl's high chair so she was a part of the celebration. I wish she could have been there trying the new foods. It would have been fun to see her likes and dislikes.

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AustinFamily said...

Sure sounds like you all did a wonderful job! What a blessing to have so much family to love on you and you love on back. I want you to know I said a special prayer for you and Rusty Thanksgiving day morning. God puts you all on my heart quite frequently and when He does I pray. Thursday was a day that I knew would be hard. May God continue to love on you and wrap His arms around you.