Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gifts for Abigayl/Planting a tree for Abigayl

These are some things that were bought for Abigayl for her Christmas. Nothing big or fancy but things that each year can be put up to remember her.

We bought her this stocking because it is perfect. I was forcing pink and butterflies on her from he day she was born!

Her cousin, hanging the ornament they got her on our tree.
This is the REALLY cute ornament. It is a princess crown on a pillow. It says, "In our hearts forever. Baby Abigayl. May 23, 2008.
This is the ornament that her aunt Tiff and family bought her. They just got back from a trip to Disney World. So, it is Minnie and Mickey building a snowman. It was hard to capture perfectly but it is so beautiful.
Here is her cousin, cheesing with the train... he LOVED the train!
This is Rusty's sister, brother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law and all of their beautiful children.
Rusty's siblings and their families, bought Abigayl a memorial tree for her garden. They all came up to plant it and hang some lights. It is a wonderful Leyland Cypress. It has the softest needles I've ever felt and I think it is a beautiful compliment to her garden. Now, we can have a continuous light shine in her honor.
Here they are breaking the ground.
They had to dig a good size hole because the tree was pretty big
All of the women and children watched as the men did the digging. We did sing Christmas carols while they worked. I think from now on all of us should go around caroling... we were pretty good, if I do say so myself!
That tree was in that container good!
But, they got the tree out and into the ground with no problem.

We put some snowflake shaped white lights on the tree. They looked beautiful but they are a little heavy for the tree. Soon, we will switch them over to small white lights.
It was so nice to have the family over. Especially to talk about and remember our precious angel. She is so dearly loved and so painfully missed. But, to have the time to remember her and talk about our stories was a step toward healing.

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Powers Alaska said...

Could that stocking be any more perfect? What a special day. I cried reading about it so I know it was hard for you. Love you.