Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Rockettes

Rusty and I decided we needed some good Christmas cheer. So, we decided to go to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes. It was AMAZING!! If they are ever in your town or you are in NY at Christmas time, it is worth it!

The Rockettes dressed like a candy cane
Getting ready to start kicking
I loved the toy soldier costume
It was really neat, they fell one-by-one, really slowly and the last one landed on a pillow!
This was probably the best part. The bus actually moved! In combination with the big screen behind it, it looked like it was really driving through the streets of NY.
The bus stopped in Central Park and there were even ice skaters!
I was finally able to get a kicking shot! It took almost the whole show.
It was the best picture I got of the girls.
They opened the curtain to all the Rockettes in a Christmas tree formation. Then they topped it off with Santa at the star point.
Another kicking shot!
I was so impressed that they had the manger. It is nice that some places show the real reason for the season.
It was a great 1 1/2 hour show with no intermission. We were both impressed and absolutely loved it.

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