Monday, December 22, 2008

Our weekend...

What a nice weekend. I didn't really feel 100% but it was still nice to get out a little.

Saturday, we drove up to Sedan, KS to visit with family. We had lunch at grandma K's and saw an aunt and uncle I hadn't seen in about 5 years. It was nice to catch up and reminisce! It's amazing how much their kids have grown... time flies!

After lunch we headed to grandma I's to visit for a while. It's always nice to go up to that small town and visit with family. Sedan is an hour and a half away so it's not like it's a long ways... but unfortunately we don't make the time as often as we should to get up that way.

Sunday was a rough morning. I wasn't feeling well at all. After some food and rest I was finally able to get out and about after noon. We headed out to do some Christmas shopping and I happened to stumble across some boots I couldn't live with out! (see above!) They are my Steve Madden Ugg knock offs! They are just as cozy but WAY cheaper!
After some shopping we headed to Tulsa to see Abigayl and take her some ornaments for her tree. I am so thankful that all of her decorations have been able to stand up to the weather, especially the wind. But, everything is in perfect condition.
Unfortunately, it was back to the real world this morning. Rusty had to go to work and I was left home to clean and think. It's a rough realization knowing that we won't have a baby 9 months from now. It's really rough for me emotionally dealing with the loss of two dreams in such a short amount of time.

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Stephanie said...

Dear Rusty and Raychel,
I came across your website for your precious Abigayl – what a wonderful way to memorialize your child! I’m so sorry for your loss. My name is Stephanie, and I lost my 10-month-old son to Jacob to SIDS in January 2007.

My reason for contacting you is to see if we could help – my husband and I started a non-profit organization earlier this year whose mission is to reach out to newly bereaved SIDS families with information and support. We mail materials to families at various times throughout the first year after the loss in hopes of offering a little comfort. Like I said, we’re at non-profit organization, so it’s all absolutely free.

If you’d like, please take a moment to visit our website:, then click on the “Survival Kit” link. If you’re interested in receiving some information, please let us know. You may contact me through the website, or via e-mail at
Our deepest condolences on your loss of baby Abigayl.
Stephanie Williams