Thursday, October 30, 2008

Praise God

I just have to praise God for directing Rusty and I to First Baptist Church of Owasso. We started attending FBCO about 2 years ago when we first moved in to our house. We found it because the family that lived here before us had a yard sign from the church at the gate. I have always attended a baptist church, so we decided to go for it.

We joined the church a couple of months before I delivered Abigayl. We didn't attend a Sunday school class, we only went to the worship service. After Abigayl was born, there were so many women who reached out by bringing over meals and calling to see if I needed anything. When Abigayl passed, the out pour of kindness that has come from absolute strangers has been amazing. I have been out to lunch with so many great women and we have been able to go have dinner with other couples. It has been an absolute blessing for me because I don't have any of my family in Oklahoma, I have few friends and I am a stay at home mom who's sole purpose everyday was to care for Abigayl.

By leading us to such a great church, he lead us to a great Sunday school class and me to a wonderful Bible study group.The women that God has lead me to through this terrible time and a time when a great support group is needed, has been incredible. I have met women that I hope will remain my friends for years to come. These women make me laugh and let me cry, which in turn, gives me strength.

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Katie Smith said...

We are so glad that you joined too. We kinda of like ya! haha.