Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Field Trip

Today I was a substitute for a 2nd grade class that was scheduled for a field trip. Yeah for me (I don't mean that sarcastically), I got to go in place of the teacher. We headed to Rogers State University, in Claremore, to their nature conserve. It was really nice to walk around the wetland, pond and nature trails and see the kids look at all the trees, birds and turtles.

We went inside so they could learn about insects. Mr. Blake, the instructor, taught them the life cycle of a lady bug by teaching them a "disco" dance. It was the cutest thing. Then they looked at beetles in the larva stage, pupa stage and as adults. It was really neat to see a group of girls touching and holding all the bugs in their different stages. I was happy that they didn't act all "girly" about it!

All-in-all it was a pretty great day. The kids were fantastic. It was nice to get out into nature and breath in the fresh air. Plus, I learned some new stuff. Did you know that when a frog has a tail and legs it is in the poly wog stage? Pretty neat, huh?

(sorry there are no pictures of this outing either, I didn't think to bring my camera for a class I didn't know)

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