Wednesday, October 15, 2008

San Antonio

This past weekend Rusty and I took a trip to San Antonio. I forgot my camera so until I get the pics developed from the throw-a-way camera I don't have any goodies to post. We got into San Antonio Thursday night, thanks to Rusty's super great driving!

Friday, we went to Prime Outlet. Talk about the best outlet stores I have ever seen!!! I couldn't afford any of it but it was great! They had Off Saks 5th Ave, Last Call Neiman Marcus, Barney's and best of all (the only one I could afford) Victoria's Secret!! I was in shopping heaven. After shopping and eating we drove to the the river walk downtown. It was really pretty down there. Lots of walkways, bridges and waterfalls also tons of restaurants, shopping and people. We walked up and down for a while then headed over to the Alamo. It was pretty cool. (I think I need to brush up on history though)

Saturday, we hit Six Flags, which is down in a canyon type thing. All around are big stone walls. It was really pretty. I wussed out on all but two rides. I know... I'm a chicken. Normally I'm so brave when it comes to coasters but I couldn't do it this time. I ate lots of food though. So, that made me happy! Rusty was super brave... he had to ride most of them by himself, I am such a great wife though, I stood in line with him ; )

Sunday was the best day of all! We went to Sea World. I LOVE animals. So this was the best park I have EVER been to. We got to see Shamu and three other spectacular orcas. They jumped and played. At one point the trainer was being pushed (orca nose to human feet) through the water then the orca jumped 15-20 ft in the air with the trainer standing on his nose! It was the coolest thing ever. We also watched a beluga/dolphin show. One of the beluga whales had a baby.... it was so little and cute. Also, there was a seal, walrus and sea otter show. It was a really cute comedy skit. All around it was the greatest day.

We really missed Abigayl the whole time and really wished she could be there with us. But, we enjoyed watching the reactions of all the kids around us. At one point, Rusty won a huge stuffed fish, so he gave it to a little girl that was eyeing it. It will be things like that that will make us feel like she is there with us.

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