Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain, Relaxation and a Reunion

This weekend was much of the same. Saturday we went to brunch and wanted to do some shopping, but the remnants of Ike were blowing through, so that was out of the question. Far to wet to venture out. Rusty took care of Abigayl all day Saturday while I hung out in the bedroom and watched some TV and did some reading.

Sunday, we went to church, had breakfast, and went to Muskogee for Rusty's Grandma's family reunion. We got to show off Abigayl, see his mom and grandma and pet LOTS of animals. I LOVE animals. So, this was a dream day for me!! I got to pet horses, a calf, goats, a beagle, a baby squirrel and LOTS of cats. It was great!! Abigayl slept through the whole thing. She woke up right when we were about to leave so we went a head and fed her. She is such a great girl.

Abigayl looking cute.
Hanging out with her daddy.
Family photo time
Rusty's grandma and mom

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